Upgrading Cheddarmonger Site

Urgent news for Cheddarmongers -- the software version that runs this site is coming end of life, so I'm going to need to upgrade it.
Technical stuff -- the gallery is the big issue. They stopped developing for the gallery software years ago, so when upgrading the site, the gallery will no longer be compatible. At least the integration of it will break. I hate that. I don't want you guys to have to log in to separate sites just to use different features.
The easiest solution for me would be to migrate all the pictures to a new embedded gallery. However, this will likely break all links that you have to the pictures that you've shared. That's a big deal in my opinion, but I want to hear from you.
Please reply with any thoughts, opinions, concerns about upgrading this site.

Thanks all!!


Would you be able to create a mapping of old links to new? That way folks can easily update their links. Even better would be an established redirect. Not sure how feasible either of these is though.

Well, I should be able to create url alias rules that would retain the existing links, and create rules so that all future links follow that same link scheme. It's just a lot of work!