A Blood Bowl weekend

Saturday saw the next round of league games in the Lymington Blood Bowl League.

We kicked off at 0930. Four coaches played hard until lunchtime. The games were Wood elves vs High elves and Amazons against Humans.

The elf game saw the high elves taking 600k of inducements; Prince moranion, a card which removed a wardancer and bloodweiser babes. This was the first time we'd seen so many inducements and they did do a very good job of levelling the field. The Wood elves won 3-2 but it was very close.

The Amazons fought hard and amazingly out muscled the humans. Unfortunately they couldnt make a dodge and missed several scoring opportunities. The humans ultimately ran out 1-0 winners.

The second round of games saw 2 more coaches join in (the sixth was a bit late so I had to watch the first round).
The 3 games were Dwarfs vs Orcs (my team), Dark elves vs halflings, and Orcs vs Humans.

The dark elves thrashed the halflings 5-1, but the halflings did manage an amazing casualty causing block and a TTM TD.

The Orcs beat the humans with brute force, causing 5 casualties before half time. It was still 0-0 but the half time kick off saw the orcs get a blitz. A goblin was thrown and he managed to pick up the ball and score. Possibly the most amazing thing ive ever seen in blood bowl. The Orcs then easily stripped the ball and scored a second to win 2-0.

I had a very frustrating game against the dwarfs, basically the best team in our league. I had a plan not to play bashy and keep away from the annoying short arses. Unfortunately it poured with rain and I failed twice to pick up the ball. The dwarfs swept through and scored by turn 3. I did better from the next kick off and managed to score a long bomb TD with the final play of the half. The second half saw the dwarfs rumble down the pitch (he picked up first time despite the weather :( ). I had several attempts at his ball carrier but couldnt quite dislodge the ball. It was 2-1 and I had 3 turns to score. I failed to pick up the ball and lost the opportunity :shocked:

The last game of the day saw my ogres take on the dark elf team after all the other coaches had gone home.
The game started well without a single failed bonehead and a DE casualty. I should have known it was all downhill from there.
I rumbled an ogre down the pitch and the DE's did all they could to slow me down. A few failed boneheads and a few blitzed snots and my ball carrier was knocked down by a one dice block :( We both spent two turns failing to pick up and I finally had a snotling in TD range on the last turn of the half. He picked up and got within go for it range. Failed the second GFI and he fell over the line. 0-0 at half time.
The DE's scored quickly in the second half leaving enough time to equalise. I failed to pick up the kick off first time and found myself pinned deep in my half with an ogre carrying the ball. Some good blocking found the ball carrier in the DE's half with support and only 2 defenders to beat. The following round of blocking saw the ball carrier on the floor and the DE's picking up and running in for 2-0. :puzzled:

It was a fun day but I felt I had some pretty bad luck and should have got better results. Everyone had fun and there were some real classic BB moments.

Time to start planning the next one :)



That's a great game report, thanks for sharing it with us!

Feel free to post your upcoming games in the [url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/node/add/event/]Events[/url] section!

Great game reports, thanks snailracer :D

Makes me feel a lot better knowing that other people have trouble picking up the ball as well :) I think Nuffle must employ grease daemons to attend to the balls at games! :D

We're still waiting for a weather result other than PBBW ... it should make a game more interesting when it does happen, we hope!

It is possibly the most infuriating thing in the game. You don't even get a chance to use (or try to use) any tactics, just scramble around and get in a mess. Bloomin thrower has sure hands as well.

With two teams I've now played 32 games in this league so I've had every kind of weather, but its never had such an affect.

Keep wishing for the PBBW :wink: