Using the Gallery

All registered users get their own album in the Cheddarmonger Gallery, and you are certainly welcome to post pictures here. I do reserve the right to edit pictures or delete things that are either duplicates or totally inappropriate. I'm pretty fussy, so you might find me fiddling with your picture, such as cropping thumbnails or filling in custom fields.

This gallery has lots of useful features. Here's some tips on how to make the most of your own personal photo gallery.

Almost all text fields in the gallery allow bbcode formatting. See the [url=/prod/filter/tips]coding and composition[/url] link for more information.

[b][size=12]Adding Pictures[/size][/b]
Adding pictures is quick and easy; full instructions are [url=gallery/adding]here.[/url]

[b][size=12]Editing Pictures[/size][/b]
You have ownership and all power over the pictures you post in your album. In order to keep the whole gallery as unified as possible, I suggest the following steps after you upload your picture to the gallery. Use the [b]edit[/b] link or the [b]Edit Photo[/b] choice from the [i]Item Actions[/i] dropdown to show the photo editing options, which is displayed over a couple of tabs:
[*][url=/prod/tutorials/gallery/generaltab]General[/url] -- What to put on the [b]General[/b] tab.
[*][url=/prod/node/127]Photo[/url] -- Configurable options on the [b]Photo[/b] tab when editing pictures in the gallery.
[*][url=/prod/node/128]Modify Photo[/url] -- a few cool, powerful features here.
[*][url=/prod/tutorials/gallery/cropthumbnail]Crop Thumbnail[/url] -- This allows you to choose which part of your picture is used for the thumbnail.
[*][url=/prod/node/125]Custom Fields[/url] -- This is great for searchability. These fields are here to create a living miniatures database!

[b][size=12]Dynamic Albums[/size][/b]
A great new feature; using keywords or vital statistics in gallery items to create dynamic albums! Click [url=/prod/tutorials/gallery/dynamicalbums]here[/url] for more information!

[b][size=12]Linking to Pictures[/size][/b]
This site creates a static link when storing your pictures, so you can easily display your pictures on other sites. Click [url=/prod/node/132]here[/url] for some information on this awesome feature.