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Irregular Magazine Issue 3 - Winter '10

Irregular Magazine 3 / Winter '10 has just been released on the newly resdesigned Irregular Magazine website! :)

Adding Links

Bear in mind it is monday morning and the coffee has not kicked in, but I couldn't see how to add a link?

Just come across this, which might be of interest to some

What's popular and why?

Finally got to play around with the dynamic albums and I noticed there was an option to show the most popular -so I ran my stuff though it and there were a few surprises.

Dynamic albums -- keyword, recent, most popular and best rated albums!

With the upgrade of the gallery, you can now make dynamic albums based on keywords or other aspects of the pictures in the gallery!

Using keywords in the gallery!

With the upgrade of the gallery, you can now make use of the keywords to create custom dymanic albums!


Photo Tab Information

Configurable options on the Photo tab when editing pictures in the gallery.

General Information

General Picture Information

Editing items on the General tab of gallery pictures.

Using the Gallery

All registered users get their own album in the Cheddarmonger Gallery, and you are certainly welcome to post pictures here. I do reserve the right to edit pictures or delete things that are either duplicates or totally inappropriate. I'm pretty fussy, so you might find me fiddling with your picture, such as cropping thumbnails or filling in custom fields.

This gallery has lots of useful features. Here's some tips on how to make the most of your own personal photo gallery.

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