The Lady and the Librarians

Having painted my Plastic Space Hulk Librarian I decided to recontinue my efforts with my other Librarians. It seems to often be the case that painting a recent acquisition renews you interest in part-painted models that have been sitting on the shelf for months. A couple of these figures are among some of the first figures I brought when I got into the hobby a couple of years back!

Having painted what would chronologically be the oldest Librarian sculpt I decided to try and complete painting the most recent Librarian released


A very nice figure but by no means quick to paint! Sunday I got to the stage when I thought "a couple more evenings and he is done", and then finished him that evening, which seems to happen to me a lot. So pleases was I I continued work on another Librarian, finished him and then went and finished a third, so a pretty good Sunday.

Another project I painted was the Adventuress.


Saw a version of this sitting in the display at a GW store, so ordered her, picked her up Saturday, undercoated her Saturday night and painted her Sunday. She makes a nice compliment to the Wanton Woman and should go well with the Governor's Daughter that Black Scorpion should be releasing soon.

Final upload is a unit of Flight Pack Equipped Scouts.

Actually finished these last week but just didn't get around to photographing them.


I like the scheme on the librarian - simpler than the other Kren, but still very effective :)

You've done the adventures really nicely too!

Those scouts are great -- they look like some of them could use flight training!