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Some really interesting stuff has been going up on CM recently:- beautiful little ships and islands, stargate stuff and some kind of Ultramarine conversion.

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Made a start on my little archive

Well I mentioned this to Cheddar when I first joined and now I am pleased to announce I have actually finished photo cataloging my miniature collection and have also made a start on putting it up in my gallery. The stuff of Ledgends is a great site, but tends to show the catalogue pictures. Here I can show the actual miniatures. 3 albums up now in my main Album so if anyone wants to have a look you're more than welcome.

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The Lady and the Librarians

Having painted my Plastic Space Hulk Librarian I decided to recontinue my efforts with my other Librarians. It seems to often be the case that painting a recent acquisition renews you interest in part-painted models that have been sitting on the shelf for months. A couple of these figures are among some of the first figures I brought when I got into the hobby a couple of years back!

Having painted what would chronologically be the oldest Librarian sculpt I decided to try and complete painting the most recent Librarian released

Lock up your Witches!

Rooting out evil in the blighted city of Mordheim, or wherever else it may dwell, the Witch Hunters will fervently pursue witches and unbelievers to the ends of the world.

Yay Photography!

So, I think I found the best light for miniatures photography! An overcast day! Wow, no shadows...

Anyway, I was able to take my camera rig outside and take these pictures. Some new, some old:

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