Modular Terrain

This is something I've been wanting to make for myself for a long time, and a couple of weeks ago, I had a flash of inspiration :)

Rorke's Drift Diorama

So, this is one of the Christmas presents that I am giving this year, to my wife's Uncle, who is well into his Zulu war stuff.

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Painting a City!

I've been playing some 15mm WWII games lately and one of the scenarios we wanted to try was one on a 2 foot square board, the terrain being entirely made up from buildings, so as to get a Stalingrad-type game.

However, since we were totally lacking enough buildings for anything this ambitions, I went ahead and made some. Nothing fancy - just blue foam with holes in stuck to mounting board with a hot glue gun.

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Big complement for Dragon!

A friend of mine went to look at my latest uploads, then emailed me and said "I suppose you know you've put a picture of a laboratory up?"
Scratching my head I looked on Cheddar and asked

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Ruined Foo Dogs

Just posted pics of these status from Fenris Games that I just finished painting, but I don't want to repeat myself too much, so here is the link to the post I made on CheddarChat:

[url=http://www.cheddarmongers.org/prod/cheddarchat/index.php?topic=66.msg383#msg383]Foo Dogs on Cheddar Chat[/url]


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