Building a Squat army

It has been a long held hope that one day, I would build a Squat army.


A friend of mine sent me a link to a book on modelling techniques. In this book the author mentions a (doubtless expensive or rare) product that can be used to create mud effects on vehicles. He describes the made up compound as resembling “papier-mâché”, which got me thinking and resulted in the following experiment.

Sculpting Tools.

        Even if you have no interest in sculpting your own figures there will be times when you need to reach for the modelling putty. You may have thought of an interesting conversion, or you may just need to fill in some gaps. Working with putty is much easier if you have some tools, so here are some thoughts on the topic.

Happy Birthday Wilf!

It's [url=]Wilf's[/url] Birthday tomorrow! Two already!


No-frills Epic tyranid trygon

Epic-scale tyranid miniatures are notoriously hard to get hold of, and it can also be difficult to find suitable proxies for some of the creatures; although Epic nid players find that the tyranid range for 40K is a good source of bits and pieces for converting assault spawn and biotitans. I thought I'd lend a hand by showing how I'd carry out some of these conversions.

Notes on Epoxy Putty

On some forums I regularly see members who are curious about learning to sculpt and the materials needed, particularly epoxy putty. Having had some experience with different types of putty, I usually pipe up, and usually with the same long description; so I decided to post it all here

How to sculpt rag wrappings.

Swiped from [url=]The Forum of Doom[/url]
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