Something Old, Something New......

I've taken some more Malal Cult pictures

some new Alien photos

and added an Infantry Gun to the German Army

In the previous blogg post I asked if there were any of the older models I should retake photos of. Keeper40 suggested the Imperial Beastman and Ogryn so I've taken some shots of these

Rather odd reexamining figures I painted a couple of years back. Quite a few bits I would have done differently now or little flaws that needed addressing.


wasnt sure you were aware, but you can reupload pictures over existing gallery images, so that if you want to keep your url, ratings, view counts, comments, etc all intact you can simply go to edit the picture the "reupload" it.


Thanks Phil, they are pretty good :)

Are they space marine torsos that you've used for the beastmen?

Yes, the torsos are Space marine armour. The rest of the figure are plastic Ungors, since I thought the Imperial Beastmen would be the size of large humans, not really big like the Fantasy Gor Beastmen. Weapons and equipment were taken from various other kits -Imperial Guard Laser Pistol, Space Marine Flamer and Terminator Storm Shield to make the Power Shield, for example.

Hey Phil..

Nice job with the Germans and infantry gun, the base works well


Nice to hear from you Grek

I have another squad or so of germans awaiting photography -should be up soon.

Base for the infantry gun is a piece that comes with the gun. Just gave it a touch of drybrushing and a sprinkle of green fluff.

i'm still waiting for some Artizan stuff.... but the scenic base does make a difference.... nice to know your ok Phil, having not seen you on the FOD for a while some of us started to get worried.