Workbench version 5

I subscribe to the [url=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mini-painter]Mini-Painter Yahoo Group[/url], and a painting newbie asked about how people set up their work area for painting.

So, I figured I'd contribute.

Here's the latest version of my painting table, pardon the mess!!

[img_assist|nid=1461|title=Workbench Version Five|desc=|link=popup|align=none|width=400|height=268]

Choose before the grip of winter sets in

It is getting colder and colder week by week. We got a bit of relief this week as the air temperatures are in the 30's, but soon it will be simply too cold for me to prime miniatures for painting.

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

Eldar Missile launcher

You may have followed my discussion with Keeper about arming an Eldar Death Jester with a missile launcher. Does anyone have a suitable spare weapon in their bits box that I could have -plastic or metal, old or new design, doesn't really matter.

Keeper was nice enough to send me a dark reaper weapon but it also came with a figure so I can't really split them up -what use is a launcerless reaper?

If anyone is interested, I think I have an extra eldar weapon crewman.


Taxonomy upgrade extras:

Wanted -cold ones

Got a job lot of lizard man bits the other day. Only problem is that there are some rather nice figures in there but they are all on saddles and intended to be riding Cold Ones. There is a cold one without a head in the collection, but this means I've three or four figures without mounts.

Only a year ago you could just contact GW and they'd sell you a sprue of cold one bits, but in their wisdom they have dropped such useful activities.

Does anyone ahve any cold ones they don't want, or know of a suitable dinosaur/lizard model that would make a credible substitute?

Taxonomy upgrade extras:

No-frills Epic tyranid trygon

Epic-scale tyranid miniatures are notoriously hard to get hold of, and it can also be difficult to find suitable proxies for some of the creatures; although Epic nid players find that the tyranid range for 40K is a good source of bits and pieces for converting assault spawn and biotitans. I thought I'd lend a hand by showing how I'd carry out some of these conversions.

Like a hole in the head. And... a head.

Let's see how this blog thing goes. Ta for the space, Big Cheese!


League of Extraordinary Weirdos

Well, I've been bitten by the Blood Bowl bug once again.


Mars Attacks!!!

As I probably mentioned in a previous blog entry (I don't remember so clearly these days!), I have recently been working on a [url=http://blackhat.co.uk/catalog/index.php?cPath=107_110_117&osCsid=51c6fb4d969e7604a909d86d64212dcc]Cephalod Soldier[/url] which I bought from [url=http://blackhat.co.uk/]Black Hat Miniatures[/url] a little while ago.


Not Every End Is The Goal

After soliciting some feedback on the [url=http://www.customhobby.com/forum]Custom Hobby Forum[/url] and the [url=http://www.heresyminiatures.com/forum]Forum of Doom[/url] the first time I finished my HF Tiriel as a Dark Elf, I have finally, in the last week or so, got back to her to make (most) of the improvements suggested.



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