Irregular Magazine Issue 3 - Winter '10

Irregular Magazine 3 / Winter '10 has just been released on the newly resdesigned Irregular Magazine website! :)

I have an RPG article in the magazine again, and I contributed to one of the reviews. But apart from that, the rest of the magazine is worth reading! ;)

I think some of your guys might know Phil West as well, who has written an excellent article on painting ghouls :)

Enjoy :D

[quote]The cold weather is here, and what better to read whilst you keep yourself warm, than the latest issue of Irregular Magazine - Issue 3 / Winter '10?


This bumper-packed issue is over 100 pages long, and includes a free campaign supplement for planning your own Zombie Apocalypse game.
Download your copy now from:

Other contents include:
* Interview with Victoria Lamb
* Speed painting skeletons tutorial
* Tuk Tuk - brand new comic
* Nigel Carman's award-winning Duelling Giants
* Urban basing tutorial
* Creepy short story
* Miniature reviews
* Mustering the dead of Middle Earth
* And an interview with Darklord himself - Brett Johnson!
* ..and lots more great articles

Plus - a chance to win prizes from Mantic Games by entering the Undead Painting Competition.

Irregular Magazine is a free quarterly on-line hobby magazine, created by gamers and painters, for gamers and painters.
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